commission WIP

commission of the tiny sweet angel princess for siperus!!

Is it possible to commission pixels like that?

pixel dolls like the kyousougiga and noragami ones are $2 per character! if you want specific dimensions just let me know. ill update my commissions page after I get home!!!

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» (Kyousougiga) Koto and Yase pixels!!!

commission for kingofthebritons of Sleigh Bell Katarina from League of Legends!! Thanks so much for commissioning me and for being so patient! (better resolution)

i drew my squirrel wife elly

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kingofthebritons replied to your post: i feel like im gonna ruin this the mom…

ahhhh! I love it :3

oooo that’s good to hear !!! i’m having a lot of fun with this commission so im excited about finishing it, which will hopefully be soon before the end of the week :^)

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I thought you didn’t play lol?

i dont, it’s a commission!!!

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i feel like im gonna ruin this the moment i try to add those heavily detailed swords so im gonna post this WIP before i even try lmao

commission for angelicarson !! thank u for commissioning me yet again !! this one was rlly fun and full of detail *.* (open this in a new window b/c tumblr makes it look gross)