commission for siperus!! it was just supposed to be sharon but i got carried away b/c it was rlly fun to draw her dress and then suddenly i couldn’t stop adding different things to it and it suddenly turned shippy lmao thank u for being so patient! full image here

commission WIP

commission of the tiny sweet angel princess for siperus!!

Is it possible to commission pixels like that?

pixel dolls like the kyousougiga and noragami ones are $2 per character! if you want specific dimensions just let me know. ill update my commissions page after I get home!!!

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» (Kyousougiga) Koto and Yase pixels!!!

commission for kingofthebritons of Sleigh Bell Katarina from League of Legends!! Thanks so much for commissioning me and for being so patient! (better resolution)

i drew my squirrel wife elly

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kingofthebritons replied to your post: i feel like im gonna ruin this the mom…

ahhhh! I love it :3

oooo that’s good to hear !!! i’m having a lot of fun with this commission so im excited about finishing it, which will hopefully be soon before the end of the week :^)

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I thought you didn’t play lol?

i dont, it’s a commission!!!

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i feel like im gonna ruin this the moment i try to add those heavily detailed swords so im gonna post this WIP before i even try lmao