my best friend charlie wanted to draw kagami so i let her!!! i dont watch knb anyways lol please go check out her blog and commission her!!!! she’s AMazING!!! 

im an adult

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Hey, I was wondering about commissions, and a little bit of explaining. I have a character I'd like a picture of, but I don't know if she counts as Semi-NSFW or what. I'd like to know, and I don't know if you like to talk in here, or on a different site or program.

Hi! I don’t mind drawing nsfw material as long as it’s not extremely porny and such. Naked or exposed characters are fine as long as they’re not erect/preforming sexual acts. Sensual poses are ok, tho! Sadly I don’t have access to skype at the moment because I’m not using my personal computer for the time being but you can send me an ask off anon and i’ll reply privately so we can work the details out together!

commission for siperus !! (hint: open this in a new window because tumblr makes it look icky)

tiny daughter

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Super Cheap Commissions!!

I really need a bit of cash right now and commissions are hard to get nowadays, so I thought I’d try lowering my prices dramatically to try and drag in some money.

A full colored chibi is just $5 per character!

A full colored full-body is just $10 per character!

I only take paypal payments! There are some things I will decline to draw so please ask me, though I will draw moderately nsfw content. If you’re interested, shoot me an ask and we’ll work out the details together! If not, please reblog this to spread the word. Thank you!!

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ive loved miku’s append design since i first saw it but HOly FUCK is it hard to draw

append miku chibi wip :3c

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commission for angelicarson !! thank u for commissioning me yet again and being so patient!! this one was a lot of fun !!! (PS open this in a new tab because tumblr makes it look super gross lmao)

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got a lot done today!!!

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